So you had an ACL reconstruction and it didn’t turn out as you expected…. What do you do now?

Often times, ACL failure is defined as the ligament tearing again. Although this clearly is an example of failure, there are many other ways that your surgery may not have been successful.

Dr. Vidal and his colleagues at the Steadman Clinic in Vail understand that the goal of ACL surgery is a stable, pain-free, functional knee that allows an athlete to return to all fitness and sporting activities without restriction or limitation.

Looking at it through this lens failure can be defined as:

  • Graft retear / Instability
  • Stiffness (loss of motion)
  • Pain / swelling
  • Lack of function / inability to return to sport/activity
ACL Reinjury | Vail CO

How do you reconstruct a previous ACL reconstruction?

Yes, we know, it sounds redundant. However, there are times when the original ACL reconstruction fails and it needs to be redone. The type of graft and the new replacement is extremely important for the success of the new ACL reconstruction. The new graft placement needs to be exact in order to have the best chance at recovery. Dr. Vidal is skilled and highly experienced at performing ACL reconstruction and repair in athletes at all levels  and can help patients in Vail, Aspen and the surrounding Denver Colorado communities return to their sporting activities quickly.

For a failed ACL reconstruction, a new ACL reconstruction will be performed. You can learn more about that procedure here:

ACL Reconstruction

ACL Reconstruction Specialist

Have you experienced a previously torn or injured ACL that was treated surgically? In some cases, a previously treated ACL surgery may fail, resulting in another tear, or more damage to the ACL. Complex knee specialist, Doctor Armando Vidal, can help patients in Vail, Aspen, and the surrounding Denver, Colorado communities who have experienced a failed ACL surgery. If you believe your ACL surgery has failed, contact Dr. Vidal’s team today!


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