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Surgery Information:

Dr. Armando Vidal is a practicing physician at the Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado. Our hospital and surgery center at Vail Health offers the most advanced and innovative computer systems, medical equipment and surgical instruments available in the orthopedic industry today.

Ranked among the best hospitals and surgery centers in the nation, Vail Health is equipped to handle trauma, emergency and all facets of surgery. We offer patients a comfortable, relaxed and organized setting so each orthopedic procedure can take place on time and with no worries.

After your initial visit and Dr. Vidal determines an orthopedic surgical procedure will be the next step towards treating your condition or injury, surgery can be scheduled by calling our office during regular business hours at 970-401-8946.

Dr. Vidal provides each patient undergoing surgery a distinct set of guidelines for pre-operative, post-operative and rehabilitation recovery. Those will be discussed and provided to you in detail upon your pre-surgery visit. We will also run a pre-authorization through your insurance prior to surgery so patient’s have an idea of coverage and what they might be financially responsible for according to their insurance plan.

Please find our surgery packet attached here: AV Surgery Packet