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Image Review

If you do not live in the Vail area, you may still have the opportunity to speak with Dr. Armando Vidal and have him review your case. Dr. Armando Vidal is available to provide an orthopedic second opinion by reviewing your records, MRIs and/or X-rays.

It is very common for patients suffering from an orthopedic or sports injury to question whether they are making the best medical decision to maintain their active lifestyles. To make sure they are on the right treatment path, many patients like to get second opinions from other physicians. Patients seeking a second opinion can send medical records along with their most recent MRI and radiology results for Dr. Vidal’s review.

Why do Patients Seek an MRI/X-Ray Review?

Many individuals who have issues with their knee or shoulder, or have suffered an injury, often have questions about the initial diagnosis and prescribed treatment. With a wide number of available treatment options ranging from non-surgical to surgical, patients often question their diagnosis and treatment plan. With an MRI/X-Ray Review, Dr. Vidal may validate the existing diagnosis and treatment plan, or may offer alternate approaches for treating the injury.

Many patients also do not live in the area or are easily able to visit for an initial evaluation. Image Review’s are a great opportunity for patients who live out of state who would still like to get Dr. Vidal’s opinion.

How to Get an MRI/X-Ray Review from Dr. Armando Vidal:

To initiate an image review from Dr. Vidal, you will need to gather a copy of your medical records, MRIs and radiology results. These items will provide him with a better understanding of the details of your orthopedic injury. After submitting the form above for an AFV Image Review Packet, you will then follow the instructions to complete the process. Once you have submitted the required materials please allow one to two weeks for image review processing and follow-up.

*Dr. Armando Vidal’s fee for an MRI/X-Ray Review is $500 payable by credit card. We do not accept insurance for our MRI/X-ray review service.